Department of History and Philosophy of Science and Medicine
  and Program in Cognitive Science
    and Center for the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior
      and Program in Neuroscience
College of Arts and Sciences, Indiana University, Bloomington
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Animal Minds

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brain and neuron
Philosophical Foundations of Cognitive Science
[Q540 Spring 2015]
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Moral Machines
[Oxford University Press]
[Fall 2008; with Wendell Wallach]
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the Indiana Philosophy Ontology project
[Project Director]
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Seeing dots on this page?
[The Hermann Illusion]
Cognitive Biology
[July 2009, Adelaide]
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Past Courses
[Logic, Phil. of Biol., Psych., etc.]
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Curriculum vitae
[+ links to articles and abstracts]
[IU's Animal cognition discussion group]
Society for Philosophy & Psychology
[Deputy webmaster & 2008-9 President]
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Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
[Associate Editor & Software Consultant]
Noesis: Philosophical Research Online
[Associate Editor]
2009 NACAP @ IU
[June 2009, Bloomington]
Budapest Cognitive Science
[2005,2006 Faculty]
Nature Nurture Symposium
[March 23-25 2007]
EthicALife Workshop
EthicALife Workshop
[June 3, 2006]
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Species of Mind
[MIT Press]
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Nature's Purposes
[MIT Press]
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The Evolution of Mind
[Oxford University Press]
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The Cognitive Animal
[MIT Press]
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Logic Primer
[MIT Press]
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The Logic Daemon
[Interactive web site]
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Power of Logic
[Interactive web site]
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Lisp Primer
[Programming with Parentheses]
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Bio sketch
[which rock did I crawl from?]
Cycling Time Trial
DIY Bike Race
[a 4.1 mile time trial near Bloomington]
Team Tortuga Jersey
Team Tortuga Cycling
[Bloomington Cyclng Team]
WFHB Radio
Interchange on WFHB 91.3
[Occasional Host/Interviewer]

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