DateTopic*Readings / +AssignmentsNotes and Events
Week 1
Tu Aug 27Course introduction Suggested readings: transition to college and cognitive science of studying Themester orientation
Th Aug 29What is Cognitive Science? Overview doc 1
Thagard 2010 and Wikipedia
Fr Aug 30Concept Maps
discussion sections
Week 2
Tu Sep 03Anatomy of an experimental report Overview doc 2
Roediger & Karpicke 2006
Th Sep 05Learning Processes Overview doc 3
Roediger & Karpicke 2006 (reread)
Fr Aug 31
discussion sections
Week 3
Tu Sep 10Stereotype Threat Overview doc 4
Rydell et al. 2010
optional:Science News, July 2010
Th Sep 12Attention! Overview doc 5
Simons & Chabris 1999
optional:Discover Magazine 2011
Fr Sep 07
discussion sections
Week 4
Tu Sep 17Turing Dreams: IBM Watson Overview doc 6
Ferrucci et al. 2010
optional:NY Times, Feb 2011
Th Sep 19Computation: mind or model? Overview doc 7
Searle 1980
Fr Sep 20
discussion sections
Week 5
Tu Sep 24Modeling connections Overview doc 8
reading tbd
Th Sep 26EEG and Face Processing Overview doc 9
Carrick et al. 2007
Fr Sep 27
discussion sections
Week 6
Tu Oct 01Mapping the Connectome Overview doc 10
Sporns tbd
Th Oct 03Eye Contact and the Autistic Spectrum Overview doc 11
Pelphrey et al. 2002
Fr Oct 04
discussion sections
Week 7
Tu Oct 08Midterm review
Th Oct 10Exam ++MIDTERM EXAM
Fr Oct 11
discussion sections
Week 8
Tu Oct 15Please sir, can I have some more? Overview doc 12
Wansink et al.
Optional: Scheibehenne et al. 2002a
Th Oct 17Human irrationality? Overview doc 13
Tversky & Kahnemann 1983
Fr Oct 18NO CLASS!Fall break
Week 9
Tu Oct 22Evolved logic? Overview doc 14
Cosmides & Tooby 1997
Th Oct 24Heuristics & Rationality Overview doc 15
Gigerenzer & Todd 2007
Fr Oct 25
discussion sections
Week 10
Tu Oct 29Search inside and out Overview doc 16
Hills et al. 2008
Th Oct 31Self-knowledge in rats? Overview doc 17
Foote & Crystal 2007
Fr Nov 01
discussion sections
Week 11
Tu Nov 05A-not-B? Overview doc 18
Smith & Thelen 1999
Th Nov 07Throwing arms Overview doc 19
Zhu & Bingham 2011
Fr Nov 08
discussion sections
Week 12
Tu Nov 12Language and Number Overview doc 20
Frank et al. 2008
Th Nov 14Varieties of experience Overview doc 21
Brang et al. 2008
Fr Nov 15
discussion sections
Week 13
Tu Nov 19Social Networks, Group Cognition Overview doc 22
Thu Nov 21Social Networks: Cowbirds Overview doc 23
Miller, West and King
Fr Nov 22
discussion sections

++PAPER Proposals due 5 p.m.
Week 14
Tu Nov 26NO CLASS!Thanksgiving break
Th Nov 28NO CLASS!Thanksgiving break
Fr Nov 29NO CLASS!Thanksgiving break
Week 15
Tu Dec 03Paper conferences by appointment
Th Dec 05Paper conferences by appointment
Fr Dec 06
discussion sections

Su Dec 08++PAPER due at midnight
Week 16
Tu Dec 10Weird people? Overview doc 24
Henrich et al. 2010
[Read sections 1-4 pages 1-14 for today]
Th Dec 12More Weird Henrich et al. 2010 [Read sections 5-7 pages 14-23 for today]
Fr Dec 13
discussion sections
Finals Week
Tu Dec 17EXAM+EXAM as scheduledFinal examination Tuesday 7:15-9:15 p.m. Note time/date!