DateTopic*Readings / +AssignmentsNotes and Events
Week 1
M Jan 09How to study the mind? optional:Thagard 2010
W Jan 11Inattentional Blindness *Simons and Chabris 1999 optional:Discover magazine, Dec 2011
F Jan 13discussion sections
Week 2
M Jan 16NO CLASS MEETING MLK Day ("a day on, not a day off!")
W Jan 18Stereotype threat *Rydell et al. 2010 optional:Science News, July 2010
F Jan 20discussion sections
Week 3
M Jan 23Rational? *Kahneman, 2002
optional:NY Times, July 2007
W Jan 25Morality and fairness *Greene & Haidt, 2002
video 1 video 2
F Jan 27discussion sections
Week 4
M Jan 30Fair Animals *Brosnan & de Waal 2004 and *and followup exchange
W Feb 01Infant cognition *Carey 2004
F Feb 03discussion sections
Week 5
M Feb 06Short-armed cognition *Smith et al. 2010
W Feb 08Brain and Social Cognition *Senju & Johnson, 2009
F Feb 10discussion sections
Week 6
M Feb 13The eyes have it *Carrick et al.
W Feb 15Too much choice? *Lyengar et al. 2000
F Feb 17discussion sections
Week 7
M Feb 20Never enough data *Scheibehenne et al. 2010
W Feb 22Please sir, can I have some more? *Wansink et al. 2005
optional:Scheibehenne et al. 2010
F Feb 24discussion sections
Week 8
M Feb 27Watson in Jeopardy *Ferrucci et al. 2010 and *NY Times, Feb 2011
optional:Slate, Feb 2011
W Feb 29Understanding? *Searle 1980
leap day bonus!
F Mar 02Exam review
Week 9
M Mar 05Exam review
F Mar 09discussion sections
Week of Spring Break
Week 10
Mar 19Silicon Meat? *McClelland et al. 1986
optional:Sejnowksi 2010
Mar 21Two systems? *Goodale & Milner 2006
Mar 23discussion sections
Week 11
Mar 26Evolutionary Psychology I *Cosmides & Tooby
Mar 28Evolutionary Psychology II *Todd & Gigerenzer
Mar 30discussion sections
Week 12
Apr 02Integrating... *Hills et al. 2008
Apr 04Synaesthesia *Brang et al. 2008
watch movie
Apr 06discussion sections
Week 13
Apr 09Cognition of Clothing *NYTimes
Apr 11Cognition of Throwing *Zhu & Bingham 2011
Apr 13discussion sections
Week 14
Apr 16 Paper conferences
Apr 18 Paper conferences
Apr 20discussion sections
Week 15
Apr 23Weird people? *Heinrich et al. 2010 [Read sections 1-3 (first 9 pages).]
++PAPER due at midnight
Apr 23more weird people *Heinrich et al. 2010 [Read sections 4-8, ending at top of p.23]
Apr 27discussion sections
Finals Week
W May 02REVIEW SESSION 2:45-4:45 Ballantine 228 Special review session
F May 04EXAM +EXAM 0800-1000 Final examination FRIDAY, 8-10 a.m. Note time/date!