DateTopicAssignment detailsReadings
Week 1
09/03What is (Philosophy of) Cognitive Science? Thagard (2007) "Cognitive Science" (html)
09/05Discussion Section Intensive writing (IW) objectives and assignments.
Week 2Forum starters: Zednik + Allen
09/08Rationalists and Empricists Descartes (1641) Meditations 1 and 2
Hume (1777) Enquiry sections 2 and 3 (skip secs. 1, 4, and 5)
09/10Chomsky and Skinner*IW-1 DUE* Write 250-500 words on the question "Are minds machines?" Chomsky (1959/1967) "Review of B.F. Skinner's Verbal Behavior" (html) (pdf)
09/12Discussion Section
Week 3Forum starters: Michael Hansen + Austin Steel
09/15Metaphors for Mind I: Maps and Images Tolman (1948) "Cognitive maps in rats in men" (html) (pdf)
Shepherd & Metzler (1971) "Mental rotation of three-dimensional objects" (jstor) (pdf)
09/17Metaphors for Mind II: MachinesExplore at least one of the interactive sites linked to these articles. Read the Wikipedia Turing Machine entry (html) entry first, then, for a more in-depth treatment see the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy entry (html)
09/19Discussion Section
Week 4Forum starters: Andrew Harbor + Kelley Gordon
09/22Functionalism Block (1996) "What is Functionalism?" (pdf)
09/24Turing Test and Classical AI Turing (1950) "Computing Machinery & Intelligence"(html) (pdf
Schank & Abelson (1977) excerpts from Scripts, Plans, Goals, and Understanding (pdf)
09/26Discussion Section
Week 5Forum starters: Aleksandra Hawryluk + Monique Goodwin
09/29Physical Symbols System Hypothesis Newell & Simon (1975) "Computer science as empirical enquiry: symbols and search" (pdf 2.5MB!)
10/01Chinese Room*IW-2 DUE* Write 500-750 words to explain functionalism to an 8th grader. Searle (1980) "Minds, Brains, and Programs" (html)
10/03Discussion Section
Week 6Forum starters: Jacob Henderson + Maxwell Frank
10/06Brains & Neurons Society for Neuroscience (2005) Brain Facts (pdf): read pages 4-25
10/08Autonomy of Psychology Fodor (1974) "Special Sciences (or: The disunity of science as a working hypothesis)" (pdf)
10/10Discussion Section
Week 7Forum starters: Aaron Kunkle + Nathaniel Cindrich
10/13Integrating levels Marr (1980) selection from Vision (pdf 2.8 MB!)
10/15The Place of Folk Psychology*IW-3 DUE* Write 1000-1250 words on the question "Could a digital computer be a thinking machine?" Dennett (1981) "True believers" (pdf 3.6MB!)
10/17Discussion Section
Week 8Forum starters: Marcus Lamaster + Kyle Carter
10/20Beliefs and Rationality Tversky & Kahneman "Judgment Under Uncertainty: Heuristics and Biases" (jstor) (pdf)
10/22Theory of Mind Wimmer & Perner (1983) "Beliefs about beliefs: Representation and constraining function of wrong beliefs in young children's understanding of deception" (pdf)
Optional: Gordon (2004) "Folk Psychology as Simulation" (html [SEP entry])
10/24Discussion Section
Week 9Forum starters: Thien Nguyen + Emily Cahill
10/27Connectionism I Learning in artificial neural networks (Background primer)
10/29Connectionism II Pollack (1989) "Connectionism: past, present, and future" (pdf)
10/31Discussion Section
Week 10Forum starters: Jenna Norden
11/03Eliminativism I Ramsey, Stich, & Garon (1991) "Connectionism, eliminativism, and the future of folk psychology" (jstor) (pdf 2)
11/05Eliminativism IIBrooks (1991) "Intelligence without representation" (pdf)
11/07Discussion Section
Week 11Forum starters: Darin Patrick
11/10Robotics 2Harvey et al. (2005) "Evolutionary Robotics: A new scientific tool for studying cognition" (pdf)
11/12Embodied Cognition*IW-4 DUE* 1500-1800 words on the question "Folk Psychology: Dead or Alive?" Clark (1998) "Embodiment and the Philosophy of Mind" (pdf)
11/14Discussion Section
Week 12Forum starters: Gail Rosenbaum + Nicole Beckage
11/17Extended Mind Clark, A. and D. J. Chalmers (1998) "The Extended Mind" (pdf)
11/19Dynamical Systems Beer (2000) "Dynamical approaches to cognitive science" (pdf)
11/21Discussion Section
Week 13Forum starters: Cameo Rye + Andrew Armington
11/24Dynamical Philosophy van Gelder (1995) "What might cognition be if not computation?" (pdf)
Week 14Forum starters: Lucas Sinex + Claire Alvis
12/01Emotion Damasio Descartes' Error ch 1 and ch 7
12/03Mirror neurons Allen (2009) "Mirror, Mirror in the Brain, What's the Monkey Stand to Gain?" (pdf)
12/05Discussion Section*IW-5 DUE* Choose either of the previous two writing assignments and revise it in light of the comments you received (1500-1800 words; total does not count towards IW minimum)
Week 15Forum starters: open mic!
12/08Bird Brains Emery (2006) "Cognitive ornithology: the evolution of avian intelligence" (pdf)
12/10Future directions tba
12/12Discussion Section
Week 16
12/15no classes*IW-6 DUE* Final paper: 2000-2500 words on "Are minds machines?" (Other topics acceptable if approved in advance, no later than 12/01)