DateTopicReadingsAssignment details
Week 1Course Intro
08/26 Philosophy, Science, and the Philosophy of Science movie shown in class
08/28 What is (Philosophy of) Cognitive Science? Paul Thagard's SEP article on "Cognitive Science"
[Mindware Preface, Chapter 1, Appendix 1]
08/29IW requirements and strategies Bring questions
Week 2
09/02 Physical Symbols System Hypothesis Allen Newell & Herbert Simon (1975) "Computer science as empirical enquiry: symbols and search"
[Mindware 2.1]
09/04 Chinese Room John Searle (1980) "Minds, Brains, and Programs"
[Mindware 2.2]
09/05 Brainstorm IW-1 Try out at least one of the Turing Machine simulators linked at Wikipedia and SEP.
Week 3
09/09A peek inside the Chinese Room: Classroom visit of Professor John Searle Review readings from last week 7:30-9:00 p.m. first Patten lecture by John Searle "Consciousness as a problem in philosophy and neurobiology"
09/11The Turing Test Alan Turing (1950) "Computing Machinery & Intelligence". 7:30-9:00 second Patten lecture "The Logical Structure of Human Civilization"
09/12 Workshop IW-1 *IW-1 DUE*
Week 4 Dualism, or...?
09/16 Rationalists and Empiricists René Descartes (1641) Meditations 1 and 2
David Hume (1777) Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding sections 2 and 3 (skip secs. 1, 4, and 5)
[Mindware 3]
09/18 Metaphors for Mind I: Maps and Images Edward Tolman (1948) "Cognitive maps in rats in men") (pdf)
Roger Shepard & Jacqueline Metzler (1971) "Mental rotation of three-dimensional objects" (pdf).
09/19Knowing your audience Research age-appropriate vocabulary lists/tools for 12 yr olds.
Week 5 Functionalism
09/23 Functionalism Janet Levin's SEP entry on "Functionalism"
09/25 More functionalism review SEP article
09/26 IW-2 Analogy Brainstorming Bring your "2nd best" ideas
Week 6 Rationalism v. Empiricism Redux
09/30 Chomsky v. Skinner Noam Chomsky (1959/1967) "Review of B.F. Skinner's Verbal Behavior") (pdf)
10/02 The Place of Folk Psychology Daniel Dennett (1981) "True believers"
10/03 Workshop IW-2 *IW-2 DUE*
Week 7Connectionism
10/07Intro to connectionism Jim Garson's SEP entry on "Connectionism"
[Mindware 4]
10/09Eliminativism William Ramsey, Stephen Stich, & Joseph Garon (1991) "Connectionism, eliminativism, and the future of folk psychology" (pdf)
10/10 No class [fall break] A day on, not a day off!
Week 8Levels of Explanation
10/14 Marr's 3 levels Marr (1980) selection from Vision )
10/16 tba
10/17 Structuring Arguments (Logic) CA's guide to writing philosophy papers Monty Python's argument clinic
Week 9 Evolution and Mind
10/21 Evolution and Content Ruth Millikan (1990) "Compare and Contrast Dretske, Fodor, and Millikan on Teleosemantics"
10/23 Robots Inman Harvey et al. (2005) "Evolutionary Robotics: A new scientific tool for studying cognition"
[Mindware 6]
10/24 Workshop papers *IW-3 DUE*
Week 10Embodied Cognition
10/28 More robots Rodney Brooks (1991) "Intelligence without representation"[Mindware 5,6]
10/30 Embodiment Andy Clark (1998) "Embodiment and the Philosophy of Mind"
10/31 Brainstorm IW-4 tba
Week 11 Dynamical Systems
11/04 Dynamical Systems Beer (2000) "Dynamical approaches to cognitive science"
[Mindware 7]
11/06 NO CLASS
11/07 tba tba
Week 12 Mind Beyond Body
11/11 Dynamical Philosophy Timothy van Gelder (1995) "What might cognition be if not computation?")
11/13 Extended Mind Andy Clark and David Chalmers (1998) "The Extended Mind" [Mindware 8]
11/14 Workshop IW-4 *IW-4 DUE*
Week 13
11/18 tba tba
11/20 tba tba
11/21 tba tba
Thanksgiving Week No classes Gobble, gobble -- but don't eat too much!
Week 14 Charting the Revolution
12/02 Group Mind Georg Theiner, Colin Allen and Rob Goldstone (2010) "Recognizing Group Cognition".
12/04 Philosophy of Cognitive Science vs. Philosophy of Mind Tony Chemero and Michael Silberstein (2008) "After philosophy of mind: replacing scholasticism with science"
12/05 Workshop IW-5 *IW-5 DUE*
Week 15
12/09 The conservative view EITHER: Rob Rupert (2013) "Memory, natural kinds, and cognitive extension; or, Martians don't remember, and cognitive science is not about cognition"
OR: Rupert (forthcoming) "Against group cognitive states"
12/11 tba tba
12/12 Workshop IW-6 Bring paper drafts
Week 16Finals Week No classes
12/16 *IW-6 DUE*