DateTopicReadings / AssignmentsNotes and Events
Week 1
Tu Aug 21Course introduction Suggested readings: transition to college and cognitive science of studying
Th Aug 23What is Cognitive Science? Entries from the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy and Wikipedia on Cognitive Science
[ Student Link]
Week 2
Tu Aug 28Anatomy of an experimental report Simons & Chabris 1999 "Gorillas in our Midst"
[ Student Link] [Google Scholar search]
Th Aug 30Attention? Simons & Chabris 1999 (reread) + Simons 2010 "If you can't notice a gorilla..."
[ Student Link] [Discover Magazine]
Week 3
Tu Sep 04Stereotype Threat Rydell et al. 2010 "Stereotype threat prevents perceptual learning"
[ Student Link]
optional:Science News, July 2010
Th Sep 06Morality and fairness Overview doc 5
Greene & Haidt 2002 "How (and where) does moral judgment work?"
[ Student Link]
optional reading: Knobe 2003 "Intentional action and side effects in ordinary language"
Week 4
Tu Sep 11Fair Animals Brosnan & de Waal 2004 "Monkeys reject unequal pay"
+ critique by Wynne, and response by Brosnan & de Waal ("Fair refusal by capuchin monkeys")
[ Student Link]
Th Sep 13Turing games Ferrucci et al. 2010 "Building Watson: An overview of the DeepQA project"
[ Student Link]
Fr Sep 14THEMESTER: "GRIZZLY MAN" IU Cinema, 6:30 p.m.>
Week 5
Tu Sep 18Computation: mind or model? Searle 1980 "Minds, brains, and programs"
[ Student Link][preprint version]
Th Sep 20Modeling connections McClelland et al. 1986 "The appeal of Parallel Distributed Processing"
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Week 6
Tu Sep 25Connectionist modeling cont'd Experiment with the online network demos listed in the slides from Sep 20
Th Sep 27Mapping the connectome Sporns 2011 "The human connectome: a complex network"
[ Student Link]
Week 7
Tu Oct 02Broken Networks, Bad Behavior? Marsh et al. 2008 "Reduced Amygdala Response to Fearful Expressions in Children and Adolescents With Callous-Unemotional Traits and Disruptive Behavior Disorders"
[ Student Link]
Th Oct 04It's all in the eyes Carrick et al. 2007 "It's all in the eyes: neural responses to socially significant gaze shifts"
[ Student Link]
Week 8
Tu Oct 09Exam review
Th Oct 11Exam ++MIDTERM EXAM
Fr Oct 12NO CLASS!Fall break
Week 9
Tu Oct 16Please sir, can I have some more? Wansink et al. 2005 "Bottomless Bowls: Why Visual Cues of Portion Size May Influence Intake"
[ Student Link]
Optional: Scheibehenne et al. 2010 "Dining in the dark. The importance of visual cues for food consumption and satiety"
Th Oct 18Human irrationality? Tversky & Kahnemann 1983 "Extensional versus intuitive reasoning: The conjunction fallacy in probability judgment"
[ Student Link]
Week 10
[Mo Oct 22]THEMESTER: "PROJECT NIM" IU Cinema, 6:30 p.m.
Tu Oct 23Evolved logic? Cosmides & Tooby 1997 "Evolutionary Psychology: A Primer"
[ Student Link] [UCSB link]
Th Oct 25Heuristics & Rationality Todd & Gigerenzer 2007 "Environments that make us smart: Ecological Rationality"
[ Student Link]
Week 11
Tu Oct 30Search inside and out Hills et al. 2008 "The central executive as a search process: Priming exploration and exploitation across domains"
[ Student Link]
Th Nov 01continue with search Continued discussion of Hills et al. 2008 [ Student Link]
Week 12
Tu Nov 06Self-knowledge in rats? Foote & Crystal 2007 "Metacognition in the rat"
[ Student Link]
Th Nov 08Throwing arms Zhu & Bingham 2011 "Human readiness to throw: the size–weight illusion..."
[ Student Link]
Week 13
Tu Nov 13Language and Number Frank et al. 2008 "Number as a cognitive technology: Evidence from Pirahã language and cognition"
[ Student Link]
Th Nov 15Varieties of experience Brang et al. 2008 "Is the sky 2?"
[ Student Link]
Fr Nov 16 ++PAPER Proposals due 5 p.m.
Week 14
Tu Nov 20NO CLASS!Thanksgiving
Th Nov 22NO CLASS!Thanksgiving
Fr Nov 23NO CLASS!Thanksgiving
Week 15
Tu Nov 27Paper conferences by appointment
Th Nov 29Paper conferences by appointment
[Su Dec 2]++PAPER due at midnight
Week 16
Tu Dec 04Weird people? Henrich et al. 2010 "The weirdest people in the world?"
[ Student Link]
[Read sections 1-4 pages 1-14 for today]
Th Dec 06More Weird Continue with Henrich et al. 2010
[ Student Link]
[Read sections 5-7 pages 14-23 for today]
Finals Week
?? Dec ??Final Review Session tba
Th Dec 13++FINAL EXAM+EXAM as scheduledFinal examination Thursday 7:15-9:15 p.m. Note time/date!