DateTopicReadings / Assignments
Week 1
08/24Introduction and Historical Overview Crowley & Allen 2008 [on Canvas]
Week 2
08/31Evolution and Continuity Darwin 1871, chapters 2 and 3 of Descent of Man (1st edition)
Romanes 1882, preface, introduction, and your choice of one or more of the other chapters (to total at least 25 additional pages)
Keeley 2004 "Anthropomorphism, primatomorphism, mammalomorphism: understanding cross-species comparisons"
Week 3
09/07LABOR DAYno class
Week 4
09/14The Comparative Method Morgan 1894, chapter 3 of An Introduction to Comparative Psychology (1st ed.), and any other chapter
Washburn 1908, The Animal Mind, Chapters 1 and 2, and at least one other chapter
Allen-Hermanson 2005 "Morgan's Canon Revisited"
Lyon 2015 The cognitive cell: bacterial behavior reconsidered"
Week 5
09/21Ethology and Psychobiology Lehrman 1953 "A critique of Konrad Lorenz's theory of instinctive behavior" [Canvas]
Tinbergen 1963 "On the aims and methods of ethology" [Canvas]
Lorenz 1981 "The Foundations of Ethology [Canvas]; read introductory history (pp.1-12), and Chapter V (pp.211-220)
Griffiths 2004 "Instinct in the '50s: The British Reception of Konrad Lorenz's Theory of Instinctive Behavior" [Canvas]
Week 6
09/28Integration and Cognition Timberlake 1983 "The functional organization of appetitive behavior"
Bowers 2015 "What is the role of biology in cognitive science?: An answer from Behaviour Systems"
Burghardt 1997 "Amending Tinbergen: a fifth aim for ethology"
Allen 2014 "Models, mechanisms, and animal minds"
Week 7
10/05Animal Communication Marler 1961 "The logical analysis of animal communication"
Rendall and Owren 2013 "Communication without meaning or information: abandoning language-based and informational constructs in animal communication theory"
Allen 2013 "Information and uncertainty in monkeys and meerkats"
Week 8
10/12student research presentations Ali
Week 9
10/19student research presentations Archie
Week 10
10/26student research presentations Ryan
Week 11
11/02student research presentations Dan
Week 12
11/09student research presentations Paul
Week 13
11/16*rescheduled on 12/14*no class
Week 14
11/24THANKSGIVINGno class
Week 15
11/30student research presentations Xan
Week 16
12/07student research presentations Suzanne
Finals Week
12/14student research presentation Jonathan