DateTopicReadings & AssignmentsNotes and Events
Week 1
Jan 11Course Intro
Week 2
Jan 171-page paper [+all] (send via email to CA)
Jan 18no class meeting
(MLK day)
Crowley & Allen
• Burkhardt Intro;
& start reading for next week!
[Supplemental reading: Richards, R. 1987. selections from Darwin and the emergence of evolutionary theories of mind and behavior: pages 22-27, 105-110]
Week 3
Jan 24Forum 1 [RR+all]
Jan 25Origins of comparative psychology• Boakes Chs. 1-4[Supplemental reading: Huxley (1874) On the Hypothesis that Animals Are Automata, and Its History]
Week 4
Jan 31Forum 2 [AP+all]
Feb 01Origins of Behaviorism• Boakes Chs. 5-7[Supplemental reading: Yerkes (1905) Animal Psychology and Criteria of the Psychic]
Week 5
Feb 07Forum 3 [BJ+all]
Feb 08American Behaviorism• Boakes 8
•Burkhardt Ch. 1
[Supplemental reading: Watson (1907) "Studying the Minds of Animals"]
Week 6
Feb 14Forum 4 [WE+all]
Feb 15Disciplinary Divisions• Burkhardt Ch. 2
• Radick Intro
[Supplemental reading: Wallace (1867) "The Philosophy of Birds' Nests]
Week 7
Feb 21Forum 5 [KC+all]
Feb 22Ethology's Foundations• Burkhardt Chs. 3-4[Supplemental reading: Brigandt (2005) "The instinct concept of the early Konrad Lorenz".]
Week 8
Feb 28Forum 6 [RB+all]
Mar 01Integrative Approaches• Burkhardt Chs. 5-7 (skim 5)[Supplemental reading: Lehrman (1953) "A critique of Konrad Lorenz's theory of instinctive behavior" (JSTOR).]
Week 9
Mar 07Forum 7 [TG+all]
Mar 08Ethology fractionates• Burkhardt Chs. 8-10[Supplemental reading: Griffiths, P. (2004) Instinct in the '50s: the British reception of Konrad Lorenz's theory of instinctive behavior. Biology & Philosophy 19, 609-631.]
Week of Spring Break
Mar 15no class meeting[start Radick book!]Spring break
Week 10
Mar 21Forum post 1-page paper abstract [+all]
Mar 22Language & mind in the light of Darwin• Radick Chs. 1-2
Presentation/Rob B.
[Supplemental reading: Thomas, Roger K. (2001 preprint) "Lloyd Morgan's Canon: A History of Misrepresentation"]
Week 11
Mar 29Technology in the field• Radick Chs. 3-4
Week 12
Apr 05Assaults on animal language• Radick Chs. 5-6
Week 13
Apr 12Outgrowing Behaviorism• Radick Chs. 7-8
Week 14
Apr 19Cognitive Ethology in the field• Radick Ch. 9 + Conclusion
[Supplemental reading: Dennett, D.C. (1983) Intentional Systems in Cognitive Ethology: The Panglossian Paradigm Defended, as reprinted in The Intentional Stance 1987. **No need to go beyond p. 260.**]
Week 15
Apr 26Where now?Presentations/Robert R. + Wes
Finals Week
May 03Final paper due