DateTopicReadingsAssignment details
Week 1
Jan 12Organization and Overview
Jan 14Cognitive Prehistory• Descartes Meditations I & II (alt. version: pdf)
• Hume Enquiry section 2 and section 3
• Tolman (1948) html pdf
CA lecture
Week 2
Jan 19MLK Jr. Day, no class
Jan 21Beyond Behaviorism• Chomsky (1959/1967) html pdf
• Shepard & Metzler (1971) jstor pdf
• Goldstone & Kersten (2003) pdf
George Kachergis
Week 3
Jan 26Turing Machines & Computational Theory of Mind• TM Wikipedia or SEP
• SEP "Computational Theory of Mind" html
• [Clark 1]
Reaction1 due
Richard Veale
Jan 28AI as Empirical Enquiry• Newell & Simon (1975) pdf
• Schank & Abelson (1977) pdf
• [Clark 2]
Week 4
Feb 02Turing Test & Chinese Room• Turing (1950) html pdf
• Searle (1980) html
Reaction2 due
Dan Yurovsky
Feb 04Functionalism• Fodor (1974) pdf
• Marr (1981) pdf
• Block (1996) pdf
• [Clark 3]
Feb 06HPS Colloquium: 1:30p.m. Carl Craver "A Field Guide" (to levels of abstraction)
Week 5
Feb 09Instrumentalism & Rational Believers• Dennett (1981) pdf
• Tversky & Kahneman (1974) jstor pdf
• Todd & Gigerenzer 2007 pdf
Reaction3 due
Keith Folsom
Feb 11Eliminativism and Connectionism• Pollack (1989) pdf
• Ramsey et al. (1991) jstor pdf
• Churchland 2005 preprint pdf
• [SEP "Connectionism" html]
• [Clark 4]
Play with Backprop simulator
Week 6
Feb 16Embodiment• Brooks (1991) pdf
• Clark (1998) pdf
• Barsalou, Smith & Breazeal (2006) pdf
• [Clark 5]
Reaction4 due
Seth Frey
Feb 18Dynamical Systems• Van Gelder (1995) pdf
• Beer (2000) pdf
• Harvey et al. (2005) pdf
• [Clark 6 & 7]
Week 7
Feb 23Theory of mind: Infants and Animals• Wimmer & Perner (1983) pdf
• Santos et al. (2007) pdf preprint
• Allen (in press) pdf preprint
• [SEP entry "Simulation theory" html]
Reaction5 due
Thom Gennaro
Feb 25Reasoning and Rationality•Allen (2006) pdf
•Vigo, R., and Allen, C. (2009) pdf
Week 8
Mar 02Logic and PsychologySvL-1Reaction6 due
Aaron Haltom
Mar 04Logical ReasoningSvL-2Robert Mahaney
Week 9
Mar 09The Wason TaskSvL-3Reaction7 due
Sean Matthews
COGS Colloquium 4 p.m. Lori Santos
Mar 11More WasonSvL-3CA
Week of Spring Break
Mar 16No class
Mar 18No class
Week 10
Mar 23Exploration vs. ExperimentSvL-4PAPER PROPOSAL DUE
Hongwei ShenCOGS Colloquium Tatsuya Kameda
Mar 25Lab vs. WildSvL-5Chung-Lin Yang
Week 11
Mar 30Evolution of Human ReasoningSvL-6Reaction8 due
Alida Field
COGS Colloquium Melvyn Goodale
Apr 01Planning and ReasoningSvL-7CA
Week 12
Apr 06Planning and ReasoningSvL-7Reaction9 due
Matthew Falk
COGS Colloquium Michael Spivey
Apr 08Reasoning in ANNsSvL-8CA
Week 13
April 13Nomonotonicity and AutismSvL-9Reaction10 due
Viridiana Benitez
COGS Colloquium Angela Yu
April 15Nomonotonicity and AutismSvL-9Dimitar Nikolov
Week 14
April 20Syllogisms and BeyondSvL-10Reaction11 due
Neal UtterbackCOGS Colloquium Jeff Elman
April 22Syllogisms and BeyondSvL-10CA
Week 15
April 27Rationality againSvL-11Reaction12 due
Georgi Chunev
April 29Perceptual Manipulations TheoryLandy et al. (in prep.)CA
Finals Week