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COGS Q700 / HPSC X755 — Theoretical Issues in Animal Cognition — Schedule
Meeting time: W 4:00-6:30 Location: GB 107
All undated readings without explicit links are chapters from The Cognitive Animal (TCA) and can be identified and downloaded via the password protected link.

Additional readings will be made available by direct links or via the IU library e-reserves (also requires a password).

See syllabus for additional assignment details.

Jan 12
Topic: Historical overview; Presenter: Colin Allen; Readings: See Dr. Robert Cook's website for information about some of the historical figures discussed.
Jan 19
Continuation of historical overview.
Topic: Semantics/Meaning; Presenter: Colin Allen; Readings: TCA-32 (Slobodchikoff) and TCA-38 (Rendall & Owren); see also TCA-33 (Miller & Ghazanfar)
General discussion reading: Dennett 1983 (e-reserve)
Additional Resources: Dec 2004 press AP story on Slobodchikoff's work
Jan 26
Topic: Tool Use; Presenter: Gil Ramos; Readings: TCA-50 (Visalberghi), Kacelnik et al. website (watch videos!), Tebbich & Bshary (2004), Fox et al. 2004 on orang utan tool use
General discussion readings: "The emergence of knapping and vocal expression embedded in a Pan/Homo culture" by Savage-Rumbaugh et al. Biology & Philosophy vol. 19 no. 4 -- full access to Kluwer website available from within IU domain
Additional Resources: (Videos of knapping by Kanzi and co.)
Feb 02
Topic: Memory and Reasoning; Presenter: Jason Lopez; Readings: TCA-16 (Shettleworth); TCA-17 (Balda & Kamil); Clayton et al. 2005
General discussion readings: Emery & Clayton 2004; Schwartz et al. 2001
Feb 09
Topic: Animal Communication; Presenter: Katie Kalafut; Readings: Seyfarth & Cheney 1997; TCA-36 (Tomasello & Zuberbühler); TCA-37 (Smuts)
General discussion readings: TCA-39 (Evans); Allen & Saidel 1998
Additional Resources: Bird communication
Feb 16
Topic: Anthropomorphism; Presenter: Daniel Sanford; Readings: Fisher "The Myth of Anthropomorphism" (e-reserve); Keeley "Anthropomorphism, primatomorphism, mammalomorphism: understanding cross-species comparisons" in Biology & Philosophy vol. 19 no. 4; TCA-14 (Timberlake); TCA-2 (Rivas & Burghardt)
General discussion reading: Sober "Morgan's canon" (e-reserve)
Feb 23
Topic: Altruism; Presenter: Costas Mannouris; Readings: Sober & Wilson "Unto others, Chap. 1" (e-reserve); Flack & de Waal "Play signaling and perception of social rules by Juvenile chimpanzees"
General discussion reading: Allen & Bekoff forthcoming
Topic: Deception; Presenter: Alex Leykin Readings: TCA-4 (Wilcox & Jackson); TCA-43 (Güzeldere et al.); Hauser, selection from Evolution of Communication
General discussion reading: Dennett 1983 (e-reserve)
Mar 02
Topic: Metacognition; Presenter: Stephen Crowley; Readings: Smith et al. "The comparative psychology of uncertainty monitoring and metacognition"; Browne "Do dolphins know their own minds?" in Biology & Philosophy vol. 19 no. 4
Mar 09
Topic: Pain and Consciousness; Presenter: Chad Gonnerman; Readings: TCA-11 (Grau); Allen 2004 "Animal Pain"
Topic; Evolution of Cognition; Presenter: Brittany Davis; Readings: Heyes 2003 "Four routes of cognitive evolution"; TCA-44 (Hare & Wrangham); TCA-41 (Shumaker & Swartz)
Mar 16 Spring break
-------------------------------No class-----------------------------------
Mar 23 Instructor absence
-------------------------------No class-----------------------------------
Mar 30 Instructor absence
-------------------------------No class-----------------------------------
Apr 06
Topic: Language; Presenter: Cameron Buckner; Readings: TCA-31 (Pepperberg); TCA-34 (Herman); TCA-35 (Fouts et al.)
General reading: Bermudez (e-reserve)
Apr 13 Final presentations
Costas, & Gil
Background for Costas's presentation: The Spandrels of San Marco and the Panglossian Paradigm: A Critique of the Adaptationist Programme by Gould & Lewontin.
Apr 20 Final presentations
Katie, Daniel & Alex
Apr 27 Final presentations
Steve, Chad & Jason
May 04 (Makeup class) Final presentations
Brittany & Cameron