Module 1 events and assignments
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Aug 29 Course overview, syllabus, intro to MODULE 1: "Logic and Mental Models" Mod1 Pretest Aug 31 Basic logic concepts;
The Wason Task (group activities)
Wason site (study the Wason card selection activities as well as the other selection and social contract problems) Sep 02Survey study activities (see oncourse for worksheet)
Wason activities tested on friends outside of class. Sep 05 Pooling of study results; intro to symbolic logic Review basic logic concepts: e.g. Ex 1.1 at logic quizmaster or Exercises 1.1C and 1.3A at poweroflogic Sep 07Intro to mental models read Johnson-Laird;Study Questions Sep 09Worksheet due; Reading J-L
re-read Johnson-Laird Sep 12Limitations of models and limitations of symbolic reasoning (Start Module 2) Sep 16Module 1 Test review
Study for test Sep 19Module 1 TEST (Continue Module 2)
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