Weekend Prep Mon Lecture Tue Prep Wed Lecture Thu Prep Fri Sections
Oct 05 Introduction to MODULE 3: "Heuristics and biases" Oct 07 Module 2 Test Review
Pretest for Module 3 available Oct 10 Module 2 TEST Module 3 pretest (due in class Oct 12) Oct 12 Intro to Bounded Rationality and Simple Heuristics Oct 14 Discussion: Organizing group projects
Gigerenzer & Todd Article (this is a large file and it will take a minute or two to download) and Study Questions Oct 17 Lecture: Simple Heuristics continued Oct 19 Lecture: Evolutionary heuristics vs. learned biases Oct 21Discussion section: discuss reading
Oct 24 Summary and Review Oct 26 Begin Module 4 Oct 28Module 3 Test Review and project due
Oct 31 Module 3 TEST