HPS 1621 Sample contract template

________________ (the student) agrees to the following grading contract with Prof. Colin Allen with these components:

  1. ClassworkStump the Prof!
    Log at least ___ HPS relevant question(s) in least __ different weeks of the class to receive ___ point(s).
    [Questions will be brainstormed in class. Relevant questions exclude simple biographical facts, dates, etc.]
  2. SearchworkContribute to the class online knowledge repository
    Search and report to answers (w/sources) to questions raised in part 1.
    Answer least ___ question(s) every ___ weeks to receive ___ point(s).
    [Questions answered don't have to be your own.]
  3. Project: In consultation with the instructor work up a project idea in one of these types (select):
    Format (select):
      __multimedia presentation;
      __other format (describe) _____________________________
    This will be:
    __Individual Project or
    __Group Project with ____________________________________
    You must have a draft you can present to the class ready by Monday April 18.
    Final project versions will be due at the scheduled final time.

Course grade chart
10 points = A+ 9 points = A 8 points = A-
7 points = B+ 6 points = B 5 points = B-
5 points = C+ 3 points = C 2 points = D
0 or 1 points = F

For each component, 3 points is equivalent to A, two points = B, 1 point = C. Failure to meet any contract part = 0 points. A+ in the final presentation will earn a bonus point.

Signed:    __________________________ (student)    __________________________ (instructor)

Contract version number: ___ Date: ______________
[Contract may be renegotiated by mutual agreement any time until April 1]