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COGS Q400 — Senior Seminar in Cognitive Sciences — Schedule
Meeting time: MW 9:05-9:55 Location: BH 335

See syllabus for additional assignment details.

Jan 10 Organizational meeting
Jan 12 Instructor presentation on transitive inference
Jan 17 MLK day -- no class
Jan 19 Instructor presentation on transitive inference (revised)
Jan 24 Dan B. presentation on robot visual attention [Colin A.]
Jan 26 Justin P. presentation on attention in mind [Megan B.]
Jan 31 Teresa P. presentation on Information-Theoretical Aspects of Embodied Artificial Intelligence [Jeremy K.]
Feb 02 Alexia T. on Mind and Body [Katie K.]
Jeremy J. on Self-reference [Dan B.]
Feb 07 Instructor absence -- No class
Feb 09 Nicole D. on Object Individuation by Infants and Children [Jeremy J.]
Katie K. on Stereotypy [Jamie R.]
Feb 14 Megan B. on Constructing Language [Nicole D.]
Feb 16 Christine H. on infants' object concept [Alexia T.]
Feb 21 Chris R. on classical conditioning in the brain [Teresa P.]
Jeremy K. on dynamic cognition [Justin P.]
Feb 23 Jamie R. on cognition in clinical psych [Wesley B.]
Feb 28 Eric F. [Scott R.]
Mar 02 Scott R. [Eric F.]
Mar 07 Wesley B. on Visual-Motor Interactions [Chris R.]
Mar 09 Colin A. [Christine H.]
Mar 14 Spring break -- No class
Mar 16 Spring break -- No class
Mar 21 Makeup Presentations
Mar 23 Instructor absence -- No class
Mar 28 Instructor absence -- No class
Mar 30 Instructor absence -- No class
Apr 04 Final presentations: Dan B. on Strider's robotic learning and Justin P. on a model of attention
Apr 06 Final presentations: Teresa P. on embodiment in A.I. and Alexia T. on embodied meanings
Apr 11 Final presentation: Nicole D. on a future experiment on novel verbs
Apr 13 Final presentation: Jeremy J. on the power of ideology in science
Apr 18 Final presentation: Christine H. on motor memory and Chris R. on mechanisms of classical conditioning
Apr 20 Final presentations: Jeremy K. on information measures of robot behavior and Jamie R. on digital evolution
Apr 25 Final presentations: Wesley B. on biologically plausible networks and Megan B. on modal coding in bilinguals
Apr 27 Final Presentation: Katie K. on stereotypies in polar bears